Research and Projects

My research focuses on multilevel policy-making, the European Union and its institutions, international bureaucracies, the Europeanization and internationalization of public administration and organizational change in public administrations.

My current research projects are:

Determinants and Consequences of Bureaucratic Autonomy of International Public Administrations

The project analyses the role of the bureaucracy in international organisations. It looks for to give answers to the questions whether and under which conditions international bureaucracies enjoy and use autonomy, how observable variance concerning administrative autonomy between international organisations can be explained and under which conditions does administrative autonomy influence policy outcomes. Methodologically, the project follows a mixed-method approach that combines indicator-based comparison with in-depth case studies. (Link; Link to the Research Unit)


Opposition in the EU implementation process: Determinants of national actions for annulment against the European Commission

The project analyses – on the basis of qualitative case studies – the decisions of national actors to bring actions for annulment against implementation of EU policies. The focus lies on the investigation of the political motives. The project will contribute to the explanation of the emergence and manifestation of national opposition to European law concerning the implementation of EU policies. (Link)


The Role of the European Parliament in the EU Budget Process

The project poses the question whether the European Parliament is equipped with the necessary resources to adequately represent the citizens’ interests in the EU budget process. This issue gained in importance since the European Parliament is by now on equal terms with the council concerning the establishment and control of the budget. To answer this question, formal rules and their application are studied with the help of documentary analysis and expert interviews. (Link)


EU Civil Service Surveys

In this project, we assess in the light of recent challenges how well the EU Commission and the Council administration are equipped to face the future. Amongst others, questions like the following are asked: Do the supranational administrations have a workforce appropriate to their missions? Can the organizations attract well-qualified recruits in an increasingly competitive labour market? Do staff think that the European bureaucracy’s communication is effective?

The project draws on fieldwork conducted by the research team in 2014 and 2016. The first project conducted by independent researchers to be based on a representative study across all categories of staff, our findings draw on several sources, including responses to an online survey administered to all Commission and Council secretariat personnel, face-to-face interviews, and focus groups. (Link)


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